Artwork - How to Supply Correctly to 24K Print

Our best prices are for all clients that supply us with final print ready PDF artwork. To get the best print from your artwork, we ask that you follow the below guidelines. We will advise where we find errors in artwork supplied, although we do not run checks covering every item, and we do not proof read or spell check your supplied artwork. Please check your artwork very thoroughly before submitting to us for print.

For all artwork supplied, we require that it is submitted to us in a standard, high quality, high resolution, PDF format using the following guidelines as a minimum:

i) We require an even 2mm bleed added to your artwork (that is your artwork should have an extra 2mm of image added to all edges where your design goes all the way to the edge). We will trim this 2mm off.

ii) Supply your artwork as one Pantone colour only for 1 colour work, 2 Pantones only for 2 spot colour work, 3 Pantones only for 3 spot colour work, and as CMYK only for all full colour work. Your artwork should be supplied as a Composite single page PDF.

iii) All solid black areas must be black only - multiple colour, CMYK blacks increase drying times and lead to less sharp printing.

iv) All images used in your artwork must be at a resolution of 300dpi or higher. If it is supplied at a lower resolution, you may see jagged edges (bit mapped images) in your final printed job.

v) Please embed all fonts in your final PDF artwork. Alternatively, you can outline your fonts, although this makes it more difficult for us to edit at a later date if required.

vi) Artwork must be supplied at the correct size you require it to be printed at - we will only scale your artwork if specifically requested, and we have confirmed.

Artwork not supplied to the above specifications may not print correctly, but you will still be liable for full payment of the print that we produce. Artwork can be emailed direct to us, or uploaded to our server, once your order and payment has been made. We will provide details for you to use.

If you require artwork to be amended from templates you hold and are able to supply to us, or originated or designed from scratch, we do offer this as an additional chargeable service which can be selected before confirmation of payment. Prices can be found on our Artwork Options & Costs page

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